European Youth Conference in Brussels: Confidently fashioning Europe

On to the centre of European politics: From the 24th to the 29th of March, youths and young adults from Germany, Italy, and Hungary meet in Brussels. As part of the IBB project “Pimp my Europe” they organise a European youth conference in order to discuss their ideas and demands with EU politicians.

They live, for example, in Budapest, Florence, or Oberhausen. They are between 16 and 30 years old, and as diverse as European society: They possess biographies with and without a history of flight or migration, live with and without handicap. They are pupils, in an apprenticeship, or are looking for a job. Before taking part in “Pimp my Europe” most of them had little contact with politics.

This has now changed. After workshops and project work, they have become more like experts for their own affairs. They already intervened in their respective locations, and there was a first international meeting in Rome. Now they are taking the next step: In Brussels, the active youths have a week of time to gather their experiences and develop them into demands for European politics. On Wednesday, the 28th of March, they then invite Members of the European Parliament to confront them with their ideas.

“We care for an inclusive and confident European citizenship”, says Matthias C. Tümpel, Chairman of IBB e.V. “I am very glad, that with this project we are able to inspire youths to participate – and this on a level considered impenetrable even by most adults. We will continue this work with dedication.”

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